Discover the proven STRATEGIES that
I've used to become World Champion of Public Speaking
Make 2018 the year you take your child's speaking skills to the NEXT LEVEL
     *Exclusive for parents & students aged 9 - 18
     We are only able to accomodate 30 families. Meanwhile this offer will be reaching over 50,000 parents with children aged 9-18 on Facebook. Grab your seats fast!  
Plan this Educational Family Trip!
     In this 3-hour Quick-Start Masterclass,
your child will be learning:  
  •  Ace your interviews: Enhance his/her DSA, Dream School, Scholarship & Internship selection chances with these Top 5 Favourite Questions Asked and effective Counter-Responses
  •  Enliven your in-class Presentations: Simple-to-execute Powerpoint Presentation skills to keep his/her audience at the edge of their seats
  •  Impromptu Speaking made easy! : Actionable frameworks to prepare him/her to be spontaneous
  •  Oral Examinations Game Plan: How to be super engaging during stimulus-based conversations 
  •  Confidence building and overcoming Stage Fright: Proven strategies to connect with large groups
  •  Lead with Charisma & Eloquence: Using communication skills to influence and charm
Mark Your Calendar!
YMCA of Singapore (1 Orchard Road)
Level 4, Tan Chin Tuan Function Room 1/2
* Required
Venue: YMCA of Singapore
Level 4, Tan Chin Tuan Function Room 1/2
     *Parent(s) required to accompany student(s)  
*Take action for your child's communication success!
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